Burlington Train Station Schedule

What's good, fam? It's your girl coming at you with some tea on the latest controversy brewing in Vermont. Apparently, there's some drama going on with Amtrak and storage, but it looks like a solution might be on the horizon.

Burlington bikepath and Amtrak crossing by Perkins pier

So here's the deal: Vermont Business just reported that there's been a bit of a tussle between Amtrak and the state government over the storage of equipment. Amtrak has been leaving trains and other equipment on the tracks, and the state has been trying to work out a solution to keep everything moving smoothly.

Now, it looks like a compromise has been reached. According to Vermont Business, Amtrak has agreed to work with the state to move some equipment to a new storage facility, rather than leaving everything on the tracks. This should help keep the trains running on time and avoid any further disruptions.

As a black person, I think it's important to stay on top of issues like this. Transportation is a key part of our lives, and we deserve to know what's going on in our communities. Whether it's Amtrak, the city buses, or the subway, we all rely on these services to get around and get where we need to go.

So let's stay informed and keep pushing for solutions that work for everyone. It's time to hold our leaders and service providers accountable and demand the best possible outcomes for ourselves and our communities.

Burlington Train Station Schedule

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